ETP Multi-socket

ETP Multi-socket

ETP System accesory

Multi-socket power surge protection for SMC ETP System.


The Power Socket is a plug base equipped with a series of protection and indication circuits that make it an ideal accessory for use as a complement to ETP measuring units.

Thanks to the Power Socket, the operator may provide grounding when this is not incorporated in the installation, and also has at his disposal a mains disconnect circuit breaker close to the equipment for the performance of any interventions or for possible hazardous conditions, as well as voltage presence and level indicators and the aforementioned ground detection device. It also includes a power line filter and surge protector in order to minimize possible damage to the units supplied and increase the immunity to conduced interference

Work Safely
Safe Circuit Breaker
Protection against electrical hazards
True RMS Voltage Display
Earth Detector
Auxiliary Earth Connection
Power Line Filter and Surge Protector
High Efficiency LED Indicators
Easy to use
CE Marked