ETP power transformer testing system

ETP power transformer testing system

Predictive Maintenance System for Power Transformers

ETP SYSTEM is a complete predictive maintenance instrument to detect the problems before unexpected failures appear in power transformers, autotransformers, and instrument transformers, reducing non-programmed shutdowns, transport, and catastrophic costs.


The main objective of the ETP system, is to optimise the maintenance costs, enabling an early detection of possible failures, improving management of the transformer data status, and reduces the time the transformer is out of service. This system measures with a capacity to detect and confirm all possible problems in each of the following of the transformer parts:

  • Core.
  • Windings integrity.
  • Liquid and solid insulation system.
  • Internal windings position.
  • Regulator.

The ETP system makes the following measurements:

  • Automatic three-phase turns ratio and an open circuit test.
  • Recovery voltage test/Insulation Resistant test/Polarization Index.
  • Automatic three-phase winding resistance test with temperature correction.
  • Short circuit impedance / Short circuit current.

Besides the user-friendly software, automatic measurements, the test results, are numeric values and/or in graphic form are automatically stored, and test information can be printed. In order to check and test incipient transformer problems, it’s important to make all the tests in a relatively short time, and reduce external errors by measuring instruments and the operator.

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