Welcome to the solutions section of EuroSMC. Here you will find a wide range of solutions for electrical testing, which aim to provide you with comprehensive knowledge of test requirements and the advantages of performing them.

Our solutions offer valuable insights that can enhance your understanding of the optimal testing solution tailored to the type and configuration of your electrical equipment. Additionally, we offer live demonstrations that highlight the practical usage of SMC instruments for conducting electrical tests, providing you with valuable guidance throughout the process.

Relay Testing Solutions

The protection relays and other control relays are essential in the reliability and safety of power systems.

Primary Injection Testing Solutions

Primary injection testing is essential in commissioning and verifying…

Secondary Injection Test Solutions

Secondary injection tests are performed to verify the correct operation…

Solutions for Electrical Substation Maintenance

A well planned electrical substation maintenance assures reliable supply…

Circuit Breaker Testing Solutions

Circuit breakers are very important for the proper function of power supply systems

Recloser Testing Solutions

Reclosers are a main element of distribution systems and are designed…

Transformer Testing Solutions

Protective relays and metering instruments in a power system rely on the proper

Resistance Testing Solutions

The contact resistance testing checks the condition of a circuit or equipment…

High Voltage Testing Solutions

High Voltage Testing of electrical equipment covers a wide range of techniques

Electrical Panel Testing Solutions

The electric panels, widely used in all kind of substations and industrial applications…

Solutions for Electrical Contractor Services

Every electrical company and contractor has different needs and expectations

Switchgear Testing Solutions

The switchgear panels integrate the control, measurement equipment

IEC 61850 Testing Solutions

Since its introduction, the IEC 61850 is established as the standard…

Substation Commissioning

Due to the great and growing complexity of differential protection schemes…

Three Phase High Current Injection

The latest generation of inline protections for three phase motors include sophisticated…

Transformer Turns Ratio Solutions

The transformer turns ratio is the number of turns of the primary…