Transformer analysis

Regular testing of transformers is crucial to ensure the reliability and efficiency of power systems. Transformers are key components in electrical networks, and their failure can lead to significant downtime, repair costs, and even safety hazards. 

Current, voltage, and power measurements are fundamental to understanding a transformer’s operating condition. These parameters can indicate issues such as overloading or insulation degradation. 

Our unique and revolutionary smart primary injection test systems can help with transformer ratio, burden, polarity, phase deviation, excitation, insulation tests and many other operations.

Current transformers

A Current Transformer is a type of instrument...

Voltage transformers

A Voltage Transformer is a type of instrument...

Power transformers

A Power Transformer is a static device...

SMC provides solution to check several aspects of any type of transformer.

  1. Winding resistance test: This test helps identify problems such as broken conductors, poor connections, or winding faults.
  2. Transformer ratio test: This test verifies the transformer’s ratio, polarity, and impedance agree with its nameplate.
  3. Voltage ratio measurement and check of polarities and connections: This test ensures the transformer is operating at the correct voltage.
  4. No-load current and no-load loss measurement: This test measures the transformer’s efficiency and helps identify potential issues with the core or windings.
  5. Short-circuit impedance and load loss measurement: This test helps identify issues with the transformer’s windings and core.
  6. Insulation resistance measurement: This is a key part of predictive maintenance strategies. It helps detect deterioration in the transformer’s insulation system before it leads to failure.

These tests help ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of transformers in electrical substations. Predictive maintenance involves regularly checking these and other parameters to catch potential issues early. This approach can help extend the life of transformers, reduce maintenance costs, and improve system reliability. 



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