Electrical measurement equipment

Electrical measurement equipment

Electrical measurement equipment

Portable equipment designed for maintenance and commissioning of substations and power plants. Low resistance micro ohmmeters, digital timers, windings resistance, contact resistance, circuit breaker timing and motion, phase angle and frequency measurements.

In the constant search of satisfying our customer’s needs and requirements, EuroSMC found that many of our customers require modern and practical measuring test equipment, especially in the maintenance and commission departments, incorporating the characteristics and functions required by them.


EuroSMC has been designing innovative and revolutionary products for electrical measurement tests. Our independent and traditional concepts in product and design, focus on the necessities of our customers.

  • Portability. Reduced size, weight, and robust which is essential for field use.
  • Autonomy. Almost all this range of products has internal rechargeable batteries incorporated in the equipment. Therefore can be used without a voltage supply which is not always available in commissioning and substation work.
  • Integration. The use of microprocessors and other technical advances, enables the equipment to be multifunctional, as well as, avoiding errors and saving time.
  • Reliability and accuracy. The equipment is designed and produced with the latest technology and components, assuring the accuracy and reliability.

The Circuit Breaker Analyzer, which incorporates a three phase contact resistance measurements, is one of the example that EuroSMC incorporates into our designs. All the new equipment designed by us in the past years have been leaders in the market.

The new GOOSEMeteris the answer to the tasks and applications that are required for the new substations, which demand new tools to make the work easier and more efficient.