With almost 40 years of deep experience in developing electrical testing devices, EuroSMC is a trusted name in the electrical industry. Our products and services, designed with efficiency, safety, and reliability in mind, have been adopted by customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Our diagnostic equipment, honed by decades of innovation and refinement, is designed to identify issues in electrical systems before they become costly and dangerous failures. We offer a variety of solutions, from primary injection  to secondary injection testing for all type of IED (Intelligent Electronic Device),  ensuring the safety and reliability of your electrical substation.

Circuit breaker analysis

Our circuit breaker analysis equipment ensures proper operation across all types of circuit breakers. With our extensive experience in the field of air/gas, oil, vacuum, and other operating mechanism measurements, we provide comprehensive testing solutions for medium and high voltage circuit breakers.

Circuit breaker analysis


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Circuit breaker testing

Circuit breakers protect electrical circuits from...

Recloser testing

Reclosers are used to protect distribution...

Resistance measurement, static and dynamic

Static and dynamic resistance testing is essential...

Transformer analysis

Transformers are integral components in electrical systems, responsible for stepping up or down voltage levels according to the needs of the system. At EuroSMC, we offer comprehensive testing solutions for transformers to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. Our tests help in detecting potential issues early, such as insulation degradation or winding faults, thereby preventing costly downtime. With our deep experience and advanced testing devices, we provide accurate diagnostics that help maintain the reliability and efficiency of your transformers.

Current transformers

Current transformers are the current-sensing units...

Voltage transformers

The primary winding of a VT consists...

Power transformers

Power transformers are essential for..

Transformer analysis


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Relay analysis

Relays play a crucial role in protecting electrical systems from faults by isolating affected areas. Our secondary injection testing solutions for protective relays ensure their correct operation under fault conditions. We simulate various fault scenarios to verify the relay settings and response times, ensuring they operate as expected during an actual fault. With customers in more than 100 countries, EuroSMC is a trusted provider of relay testing solutions, helping to enhance the safety and reliability of electrical systems worldwide.

Relay analysis

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Single Phase

Our comprehensive range of single-phase...

Three Phases

Our commitment to excellence is rooted...

IEC 61850 monitoring

The IEC 61850 standard, particularly the use of GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event) messages, plays a crucial role in the operation and future development of electrical substations. This communication model, defined by the IEC 61850 standard, uses fast and reliable mechanisms to group any format of data into a dataset and transmit it across communication networks within 4 milliseconds.

IEC 61850 monitoring

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