Recloser Testing Solutions

Recloser Testing Solutions

Reclosers are a main element of distribution systems, and are designed to reclose on the fault repeatedly in an attempt to clear the fault. If reclosing is not successful, the recloser goes to lockout, like an “intelligent fuse”. They are mainly mounted on poles, and are predominantly located in medium voltage distribution lines, providing a long-lasting interruption and auto-reclosing performance, for better supply continuity to customers. Recloser testing ensures the correct open/close functions for maintaining reliable customer service, so it is essential to have the security it will perform as expected. Recloser testing is usually performed on field during commissioning, before placing it in service, or during routine maintenance works, tests in house or in factory, or before sending them to final location.


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Effective Recloser Testing

The recloser testing can be as sophisticated as desired, but the easiest and quickest way to prove it fails or not is to trigger it, to make it go through its whole reclosing sequence till lockout. This involves the recloser testing of the whole system, a functional test, not only to test the breaker or to test only the recloser control.

Therefore, the most effective and quickest way to check its functionality is the recloser testing through primary injection. If it fails, further recloser testing can be required – on site or in laboratory – through for example more complex secondary injection testing to the controller, checking CT status (ratio, knee point, etc), contact resistance of each pole, etc.

recloser testing RaptorRecloser testing was lacking of a system with the high, accurate, and stable current required for this application, and that were really portable to facilitate the recloser testing. The old systems were having many problems in this regard, which are now solved with the RAPTOR, a multifunctional system with the smallest size and weight that makes primary testing easier and faster.  Using the Raptor for recloser testing just requires two connections. Once connected the two test leads, the Raptor performs an automatic recloser test, detecting and measuring the opening and reclosing times, operations, and total time. The classical recloser testing approach, through secondary injection methods, demands a lot of time, requires the engineer to carefully study recloser manuals, a highly skilled staff, and many mistakes are possible. Moreover, that recloser testing requires dedicated software and special cabling for each case. Therefore, SMC supports recloser testing with the Raptor as an effective system.

The Raptor provides a simple and quick way to perform recloser testing, checking the entire system, without requiring skilled staff or any configuration. User can complete his results with the multifunctional Raptor, including the contact resistance of each pole, CT ratios, CT excitation curve, check wiring, etc. If he is required to do so, mainly if the test fails, but with the simple and effective first checking the actual system performance is verified.

Additional Recloser Testing products

Other SMC products available for recloser testing are:

  • Circuit Breaker Analyzer PME-500-TR: in just a few seconds a report of your circuit breaker with open/close times and synchronization, 3-phase contact resistance and coils current analysis. An easy to use instrument, PC independent, with just 8 kg, including rechargeable battery and built-in printer. The PME-500-TR complements the recloser tests made with Raptor.
  • Universal Secondary Injection Test Set MENTOR 12: stand-alone functionality without PC, easy and intuitive touch-screen, modular concept up to 12 channels, advanced built-in test tools and lower maintenance cost.
  • New micro-ohmeter PRIME 600: is the top range of µΩmeter in the market with pure DC, smart and easy control up to 600A, including Dynamic Resistance Measurement, Dual Ground, and wireless remote control. The ideal solution for general circuit breaker resistance measurements, also applicable to recloser testing.

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