Relay Testing Solutions

The protection relays and other control relays are essential in the reliability and safety of power systems. Their proper operation protects other devices from damage and helps to the system security. Accordingly, the relay testing is required during the installation and commissioning process, and as part of the maintenance programs throughout its service life, to ensure reliable performance.

The frequency of the relay testing will change depending on the type of relay (electromechanical, digital, etc), system protected (generator, transformer, etc), previous events of faults and alarms, new relay testing due to modifications in the protection system (new settings, new elements, etc) and any other specific frequency requirements of the diverse maintenance programs.


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The relay testing set must adapt to the user and the application

Relay testing spans from the couple of points test in a single-phase overcurrent relay to the most complex end-to-end schemes. Choosing the suitable relay testing set depends much on the application or type of protection relay to be tested (overcurrent, distance, differential, voltage, single or 3-phase relay testing, etc), the generation of the relay (electromechanical, analogue, digital, more and more frequent with IEC 61850 performance), the test scenario (e.g. type testing, commissioning, diagnostic/corrective testing, maintenance), the relay testing frequency (and consequent maintenance), etc. All this may lead to choose one kind or another relay test set.

But on this selection we must also consider the adaptability of the equipment to different situations and requirements – and even to the skills of staff – which might sometimes require an easy and simple human interface with quick and full manual control and other times, when required, also the automation of the test. Basically, the relay testing set must adapt to the user and application, not to adapt the application and the user to the test set, as per our philosophy.

The widest choice of secondary injection sets for relay testing

The secondary injection equipment for relay testing has been a main activity of SMC; our experience obtained during the past 30 years has enabled us to have a complete range of equipment with different philosophies for the various applications and customers who use relay testing equipment, from the simplest and autonomous sets to fully automated, for quickly performing any type of relay testing.

We can resume our solutions in the following ranges based on three different philosophies:

  • QUASAR: The Quasar is the most advanced three-phase relay test set designed for the testing of secondary and IEC-61850 protections of any type with special focus on industrial and routine maintenance applications. Adds an unique capability in secondary injection test sets, as Mentor 12 does, MODULARITY, allowing users to acquire hardware extensions to expand testing capabilities as per your needs.
  • pruebas de relés PTE-100-CPTE-100-C Series: a world leader reference single-phase test set, based on variac output regulation. Portable universal test equipment for in field relay testing. Single phase relay testers are used by all kind of clients, from power stations to small service companies. Since portability is important factor for relay testing, the PTE-100-C is the smallest and lightest by far. With IP-65 rated case, outstanding 1000 VA output power (for wide application range of relay testing, including the higher power demanding electromechanical relays), with measurement and testing functions, large set of upgrading options and accessories, accurate and unbeatable fast testing, at competitive price. A must-have instrument for the wide diversity of relay testing works in any plant or substation.
  • PTE range: a wide series of digital, non-variac based, secondary injection test sets, single and 3-phase, with the required high accuracy and stability for all kind of relay testing, reversibility in all output channels (current/voltage), dynamic fault testing, and interconnection capability not only with other PTE units but also with any other brand in the market, being the most flexible test systems that can be found; different equipment combinations for different applications and c Portable units, with high power capability for relay testing, and straightforward use which is easily understood by Electrical people, a favourite in electrical contractors, distribution and generation departments.
  • Mentor 12: Universal secondary injection test set for all types of relay testing, PC independent, with easy and intuitive touch-screen, modular concept up to 12 channels, advanced built-in test tools, independent amplifiers and lower maintenance with 10 years warranty.

The modularity of the Mentor allows multiple configurations, from the classic 3V3I (3 Voltages- 3 Currents – with 6 currents available) up to the maximum of 6V6I (two 3-phase systems in one unit, 6 Voltages – 6/12 Currents) with plug-and-play amplifiers modules which can upgrade the system at any time, and are also interchangeable between units.

The MENTOR 12 incorporates the latest designs and concepts in relay testing, based on leading edge technology. This revolutionary product, the most modern equipment of its class, fulfills the requirements of the transmission departments and for the commissioning of new installations.

The MENTOR 12 is perfectly suited for relay testing, with a big sized screen that allows continuous graphic and visual monitoring of the test process, and the quickest and most complete manual control. The Mentor integrates many useful test functions for relay testing, without the need of external PC, such as State Sequencer, Fault, Ramping, Pulse Ramps, Binary Search, COMTRADE playback, and on screen direct regulation of complex magnitudes (Impedance, Power -P,Q,S, Power Factor-, Symmetrical components, Homopolar Voltage, etc).

The ROOTS (Relay Object‐Oriented Test System) is a powerful relay testing and device management software, with high automation level for the testing of today´s multifunctional IEDs, with accurate fault calculation, sequential test execution and automatic reporting.

The PME-20-PH, a digital phase angle meter, is also suitable for relay testing, checking any metering installation, and verifying the deviation on transformers. Quick phase angle measurement between two voltages, two currents or between current and voltage. Enhanced with frequency and power factor measurement.

Other SMC accessory for relay testing is the portable digital timer PTE-30-CH, which can be used for measuring trip time in protection relays and any pulse or time between two electrical events.

IEC 61850For IEC 61850 based networks, the GOOSEMeter One performs as a classic multimeter, for monitoring the correct GOOSE traffic and continuity of all the messages broadcast by the relays. With small size, no configuration and read-only design, it is the bridge between the code and power world for relay testing.

All equipment comes along with a full range of accessories for every need.  As usual with SMC test equipment, simplicity and ease-of-use are common to all secondary injection solutions for relay testing.

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