Technical Support

Our technical team supports our customers and our distributors’ network at all times with our long experience, expert advice and the unlimited spirit to always providing the best customer service.

Our technical support is translated in different ways to helping you at any time to both finding the best solutions and answers to your questions regarding our equipment, software and related applications, and for quickly solving any problem you ever experience with your SMC equipment or any service work required such as device calibration or any other maintenance:

Technical Support to Customers

Request Support

Fill out an online form and we will open a new support case. Then your assistant (the person in SMC assigned to your case) will communicate quickly with you :


Product Registration

If you have not registered your product, online registry is very simple:

Product Registration

Technical Support to Distributors/Representatives

RepSite Community

To extend the use of our CRM system to our exclusive agents and representatives worldwide, we have deployed a private web‐based, easy to use platform called RepSite Community which represents a big step ahead in terms of effective collaboration, interactivity, information resources and shared management of opportunities.

The RepSite can be used only by our authorized representatives, and requires a user name and password which is exclusive to each selected SMC Product Manager of the partner company:

Support in RepSite Community