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Explore our diverse range of solutions in the ‘Other Applications’ section. Here, we feature innovative applications that extend beyond our main offerings. These applications are designed with the same commitment to quality and performance that characterizes all our products. Whether you’re looking for specialized solutions or versatile technologies, our ‘Other Applications’ section offers a wealth of options to meet your unique needs. Discover the potential of our technology as it is applied in novel ways to drive efficiency and effectiveness in various industries.

Proper operation of relays in any electrical system will ensure  safety of protected critical equipment. Relay testing is integral part of the installation and commissioning process, as well as regular maintenance. EuroSMC can adapt to the constantly changing needs of engineers and provide all-around units from single phase test kits for simple testing and up to sophisticated and smart 3-phase systems with IEC 61850 support and advanced automation of testing sequences.

IEC 61850

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Join thousands of companies around the world using SMC for testing substations and protection relays, with more than 60 representatives and distributors worldwide.