We are a leading company that designs, manufactures and market a range of electronic products and solutions for electrical testing, mainly in protection relay field and in general, tests and measurement equipment related to the commissioning and maintenance in substations, power plants and energy systems.


For more than 30 years SMC has been developing and producing our own products with the maximum quality in design and service to meet the needs of customers and users worldwide.

The Quality is the foundations of our company in all aspects. A company with ISO-9001 certificate and products with the CE mark that meet all international standards. A Quality policy that is supported by strict technical excellence and quality commitment in all the departments.


SMC has currently a strong presence on the World Market, with more than 60 Representatives and Distributors worldwide and with Branch Offices in the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia. SMC products can be found and are used in more than 100 countries, helping to keep up and running the business of our customers worldwide. Our high customers’ loyalty, with the high quality and acceptance of our products are one of our best warranties. Our technical team supports our customers and our distributors’ network with our long experience and expert advice

We keep developing revolutionary new products in the field of power systems testing, focusing in making the job easier to all our customers.

Design and innovation are inside our DNA, and the Formula Innovation is a reflection of who we are.

Prime 200 DRM Micro Ohm meter