Relay analysis

At the heart of grid protection, the power protection system stands as the vigilant guardian, tirelessly watching, safeguarding, and responding to anomalies through its inherent detection, automated decision-making, and control capabilities. Key to its effectiveness lies in the intelligence of its protection components, particularly relays, to discern actionable anomalies and respond appropriately. The reliability of protection components is paramount, so timely and accurate maintenance of scheme and relay testing directly influence their dependability in critical scenarios.

Relays, in the wide variety from electromechanical to digital ones, rely on the reliability and health of their mechanical components (in the case of electromechanical relays), electronic circuits or components (static relays), and software (numerical relays) to function optimally. Regular inspection and testing crucial for a protection component’s performance during commissioning and throughout its operational life. It offers the assurance that vulnerabilities within the power grid and its components remain undiscovered.


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Full scope including directional power relays.

The multifaceted requirements of the grid’s protection system demand advanced testing capabilities that can analyze the operation of the entire protection system or individual protection components in real-world scenarios. To meet this need, cutting-edge test hardware and software are indispensable.  We at EuroSMC combine that with more than 35 years of the hands-on experience in the field to bring you the most sophisticated and advanced solutions for single-phase and three-phase relay testing.

EuroSMC Product range provides comprehensive solutions to cover testing of any type of relay present on the market – be it modern, cutting-edge technology digital systems requiring IEC 61850 testing, classical electronic, or aged electromechanical relays. Single-phase, three-phase or back-to back testing will become easier and faster with products like PTE-100-C, Quasar or Mentor 12.



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