Testing Software

Testing Software


SMC supplies as standard several types of software adapted to each set, for automatic testing, unit operation and reports or results acquisition, which allows the full functionality of the equipment; the following programs are included with the corresponding equipment:

  • Eurobreaker: supplied with the PME-500-TR; report management software and downloading of test reports to computer.
  • FAA-CAL: supplied with the PTE-100-C series; closed-case calibration and adjustment software for PTE-100-C.
  • PTE-CAL: supplied with the PTE range; closed-case calibration and adjustment software for any of the units of the PTE range.
  • PTE-CONF: included in the PTE-12 unit; configuration software of the PTE-12 unit to work with the PTE range equipment.
  • Raptor Current Calculator: included in Raptor System; calculation tool to simplify the configuration of any high current job, with configuration of system elements, cabling and test setup.
  • RaptorSync: supplied with the RAPTOR System; Report management software and downloading of test reports to computer from the Raptor HH control unit.
  • GooseSync: supplied with the GOOSEmeter One; Report management software and downloading of historic and templates to computer.
  • PrimeSync: supplied with the PRIME 600; Report management software and downloading of test reports to computer.
  • Report Viewer: supplied with MENTOR 12; Report management software and importing of test functions reports from USB to computer.
  • Software MENTOR 12: included in the MENTOR 12 unit; internal software updateable to user needs, with an easy and intuitive human interface and adapted to the operator’s experience and the complexity of the required test.
  • SMC12Test: Test automation software for SMC-12 EMU system
  • EDA software, EDA Diaghelp and EDA Trends: included in EDA III System; proprietary test software of the EDA system, and trending and diagnostic analysis software.
  • ETP test software, ETP Diaghelp and ETP Trends: proprietary test software of the ETP units included with each unit type, and trending and diagnosis analysis software included in the ETP System.


Besides the software supplied as standard, there are some optional software that is available at any time after purchase of the units, which extends the testing functionality of the respective equipment

  • Eurofault: COMTRADE transient playback for PTE-300-V and, PTE-50-CET. It requires the PTE-12 PC interface unit.
  • ROOTS (Relay Object‐Oriented Test System): optional product for PC‐operation of EuroSMC’s MENTOR 12 and TRES relay test sets (for TRES, it requires PTE-12 interface unit); Advanced automation, fault calculation and relay testing software, with instant reporting and report configuration, IED devices and database management, import settings tool, and modular architecture with optional protection modules (overcurrent, distance, differential, voltage, frequency, etc)
  • Smart Test Tools (STT): Automatic stand-alone testing of distance elements in MENTOR without PC, through the import of tests made in ROOTS or through import and/or configuration of RIO files.

The new MENTOR 12 users are entitled to test 100% functional ROOTS and Smart Test Tools during a free trial period before deciding to purchase a permanent license.

The software used by SMC for our test equipment are designed using the concepts of flexibility, compatibility, and expandability with a varied application, depending on the hardware it controls.

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