Primary Injection Test Equipment

Primary Injection Test Equipment

Primary Injection Test Equipment

High current injection units for primary testing of over current relays, circuit breakers, transformers and medium voltage cabinets.

The maintenance and substation departments traditionally have found limitations when selecting primary injection test equipment. Either the equipment is a home made brand with low reliability, poor accuracy at a low price, or a small selection of equipment with the accuracy and quality required, but at high price.


EuroSMC primary injection sets are a perfect solution, as the range of products are situated between the two options previously mentioned. The primary injection equipment manufactured by EuroSMC is a large range of products that meet the power, current, and accuracy required for this type of testing.

The LET  are perfectly adequate to test current transformers, busbars, circuit breakers, switchboards, complete system such as transformers-relays, and interconnections, with the adequate technology and accuracy at an economic price. The large product range enables the selection of appropriate equipment required for the application required.

The Raptor imposes a new standard in the design of primary injection test equipment. Leading edge technology and engineering have been combined to achieve a small, but powerful and very portable equipment. This unit provides safer working conditions and also makes electrical maintenance more efficient and accurate, taking workability in Primary injection test to levels never seen up till now.