Testing Solutions for Electrical Contractors

For 30 years, we have been working in partnership with electrical contractors and utilities to provide the proper solutions, keeping a maximum compliance with quality, innovation and service for meeting the electrical contractors´ needs.

SMC products are well known for high reliability at competitive prices, being the preferred choice of professionals for testing and measuring in the power field. Thousands of units are now being used in more than 100 countries, helping to keep up and running the business of electrical contractors and service companies worldwide.

Key features of SMC products for Electrical Contractors and Utilities

Some of the most appreciated features of SMC products by electrical contractors are:

  • electrical contractorsTime and cost saving solutions, designed to lower the testing complexity and increase the electrical contractors´ profit.
  • The best after sales service valued by customers, providing multiple resources and support to electrical contractors.
  • Easy to use equipment, with no need of many skills to use the instruments properly.
  • Easy maintenance, updateable design and warranty.
  • Testing equipment compliant with the relevant safety and performance standards, an ISO-9001 certified company with CE mark compliance.
  • Interconnection capability, with flexible and complementary equipment, with the required quality and output power.
  • Competitive pricing, with the widest range of equipment choices suited for all budgets.

Must-have testing tools preferred by Electrical Contractors

The SMC products facilitate the work of the electrical contractors and utilities making the difficult simple, with flexible and portable solutions, for the greatest efficiency in their daily work. The following products, with unique combination of features, are some of the most appreciated by electrical contractors:

  • PTE-100-C: A world leader reference in single phase secondary injection Since portability is a very important factor for electrical contractors, the PTE-100-C is the smallest and lightest by far. With IP-65 rated case, outstanding output power, large set of functions and upgrading options, accurate and unbeatable fast testing at competitive price. A must-have instrument for the wide diversity of electrical contractors works.
  • MENTOR 12: Universal secondary injection test set, PC independent, with easy and intuitive touch-screen, modular concept up to 12 channels, advanced built-in test tools and lower maintenance. Covered with 10 years warranty, without additional cost for the electrical contractors. Simple and quick testing, field upgradeable at any time. Independent amplifiers allows finishing the job with the remaining channels after any failure, advantage immediately appreciated by experienced electrical contractors.
  • PME-500-TR: a circuit breaker analyzer that also includes in the same report the contact resistance measurement of the 3 poles, with rechargeable batteries, built-in printer, friendly use with touch screen and graphic results, IP67 case, and easily transported with just 8 kg and very small size. PME-500-TR includes all functions required by electrical contractors, and reduces the testing time to evaluate the condition of the breaker.
  • RAPTOR System: the smaller and lighter primary testing system, bringing portability to the required level by electrical contractors. Modular and flexible system, with no intermediate connections and an ease of use never seen before, the Raptor reduces the need of several test sets for main primary test applications needed by electrical contractors for the commissioning and maintenance of substations. The RAPTOR is multifunctional, including templates for testing CT/VT/PT, breakers, switchgear panels, reclosers, resistance, ground grid, step & touch, etc. Some applications for current transformers are the checking of the CT ratio, burden, polarity, phase angle error, magnetization curve, and withstand voltage testing. A worldwide unique system which combines both high current and high voltage testing with the required power.
  • New PRIME-600: the most advanced microohmeter, pure DC with smart and easy control up to 600A, including both static and dynamic resistance measurement and dual ground test method.
  • PME-20-PH: compact and lightweight digital phase angle meter that provides electrical contractors the accurate measuring of polyphase installations, protective relays, and phase deviation on power and metering transformers. Quick phase angle measurement between two voltages, two currents or between current and voltage, with 0.2-500 V and 0.1-25 A range with 0,1º resolution. Enhanced with frequency and power factor measurement.
  • GOOSEMeter One: the IEC 61850 multimeter. Portable GOOSE sniffer monitoring instrument, with no configuration, read only design for safe testing, and small size to reach everywhere. The bridge between the code and power world for electrical contractors.

Design and innovation are inside our DNA. Our R&D department keeps developing revolutionary new products for power systems testing, focusing in making the job easier to the electrical contractors and utilities.

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