HV Test Equipment – Raptor HV

The Raptor is an innovative and advanced substation test system that replaces the need for multiple test sets; the Raptor HV is a specifically designed HV test equipment to complement the testing applications of the Raptor System.

It is typical the use of HV test equipment on transformers to confirm performance during the commissioning test and/or periodic maintenance; this is the case of the Raptor HV, which extends the transformer testing applications of the Raptor, among other applications.

Extended applications in the Raptor System with a HV test equipment, the Raptor HV slave.

This HV test equipment is an optional plug-in that provides a 2000 VAC output for additional test and measurement applications with the Raptor System.

HV test equipment

The Raptor System elements are the Master unit (Raptor MS), the Handheld Control unit (Raptor HH), the high current Slaves (Raptor SL) and the HV test equipment (Raptor HV); with these elements, the possible compositions of this modular system are:

  • Raptor C-05 (HH + MS)
  • Raptor C-15 (HH + MS + 1 x SL)
  • Raptor C-25 (HH + MS + 2 x SL)
  • Raptor C-35 (HH + MS + 3 x SL)
  • Raptor CV-XX (Any of the above + 1 x Raptor HV)

The use of the CV-05 configuration (Master unit + Raptor HV) provides a world-wide unique system, which combines a high current test equipment with a HV test equipment, with the required power for the main primary test applications in maintenance and commissioning of substations and switchgear.

Raptor units are interchangeable, and the HV test equipment and Current Slave units can work indistinctly with any Master unit, so that customers who had acquired one or more Master units can add on the HV test equipment as well, at a very affordable cost, to work with any of them; the HV test equipment follows the same modular concept than the rest of the Raptor System, and the control of all the units through the main HH unit reduces the need for extra cablings to interconnect the units; one cable is all that is needed to connect the HV test equipment to the Master; no additional power source is required since the HV test equipment is powered from the same connection cable.

The Raptor HV takes advantage of all the valuable features in Raptor including the electronically controlled switching amplifier, DSP intelligence and a robust synchronization system; similarly, the Raptor HV, with similar size and even smaller weight that the rest of the Raptor units, provides the outstanding Raptor portability, and it is easily moved around with little effort; the HV test equipment also complies with international safety requirements indicating high-voltage activity, with safety buzzer, detachable warning lamp, and emergency button to stop its activity when needed.

The Raptor HV integrates the test voltage and current measurement, which limits the need for additional meters during testing; other outstanding feature is the capacity to inject in frequencies different from the mains frequency, enhancing its electrical testing capacity.

This HV test equipment expands the existing capabilities of the Raptor for testing CTs, VTs and PTs, and adds new tests that couldn’t be done with the lower output voltage of the Raptor‐MS (which range is up to 200 V), with two new output ranges of 1000 V and 2000 V and up to 5 KVA of power; this HV test equipment uses the following additional test templates in the control unit:

  • CT magnetization-HV: automatic function for excitation curve and knee point using the Raptor HV, suitable for all kind of protection CTs, and just connecting two test leads.
  • Voltage Withstand – HV: Test the voltage withstand of the insulation in CT, VT and PT.
  • Voltage Transformer-HV: template for the ratio/burden/polarity/phase angle of VTs using the Raptor HV.
  • PT-HV: measures the voltages ratio in distribution and power transformers, using the high voltage output of the Raptor HV.
  • Short-circuited PT-HV: short-circuit impedance, reactance losses, resistance and phase shift; similar template to the existing one with the Master but using the HV test equipment.
  • Step &Touch voltage measurement: with an optional kit, the HV test equipment can also measure the step & touch voltage characteristics of the protective earthing installations in substations and other electrical facilities.

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