Test leads CBL-11xx

Test leads CBL-11xx

11-meter Test Connections for the PME-500-TR




The standard PME-500-TR test leads are 5 meter long, which provides a convenient connection to most modern medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers. For special cases, an 11-meter version of these leads is also available that can be ordered along with the PME-500-TR or at any time later.

It is important to note that self-made cable extensions can produce unreliable test results or even prevent the test from being conducted at all.

SMC PME-500-TR test cable dimensions breakdown


You may need the 11-meter leads to reach the pole connections in large outdoor circuit breakers. You can order the full set of 4 cables (coil control, time measurement, auxiliary contact connections, and resistance measurement) or purchase each one separately at any time.

Due to the extra weight of 11-meter cables you may consider purchasing also the PME-RESC set of stronger, fast measurement clamps. These clamps make the work easier also when you need to climb to overhead test points.