CBLXM-RAP primary test equipment

CBLXM-RAP primary test equipment

Ultra-flexible High Current Cable

This copper braid, silicon coated 120 mm2 cable allows you to squeeze the highest performance off your raptor system, especially when putting the multi-turn technique into practice.


The pre-cut lengths are finished with pressed steel terminals, drilled for M12 bolts.

This cable will withstand a permanent 500-A injection or shorter 1,000 A (3 min.) or 2,000 A (3 sec.) tests. Available lengths: 3, 6 and 9 meter (9, 17, and 26 ft).

Order codes: CBL3M-RAP, CBL6M-RAP, CBL9M-RAP.

You can group up to six M12 cables in parallel to attain larger current values with the optionally available copper plates.