PTE-30-CH electrical substation maintenance chronometer

PTE-30-CH electrical substation maintenance chronometer

Handheld 1-ms Digital Chronometer

This chronometer detects state changes in normally open or normally closed contacts, as well as positive or negative changes in voltage up to 250 V (AC or DC).


The measurement unit can be switched between milliseconds and cycles at any time. A special measurement mode can display the frequency of a voltage signal up to 4 kHz. When used in combination with PTE relay test sets, the PTE-30-CH can also be controlled remotely over the built-in PTE BUS interface.


  • Accuracy: ± 0.01%.
  • 3 selectable display modes: s, cycles, Hz.
  • Resolution: 1 ms.


  • Measures the trip time in protective relays.
  • Measures the time of contact operation.
  • Measures the duration of a signal pulse.
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