Smart Test Tools relay testing software

Smart Test Tools relay testing software

Offline execution of ROOTS tests

The Mentor 12 can be equipped or upgraded at any time with an optional component called Smart Test Tools. Among the advanced test features provided by this component, the possibility of executing ROOTS-originated test batches is possibly the most outstanding, because it avoids the connections and preparation overhead usually associated to an external computer.


Any number of relay entries, each one containing a batch of different tests, can be stored from ROOTS onto a USB removable memory and then read and executed by the Mentor 12. It is also possible to modify the test settings and even the test points before running the pre-defined tests.

The results are automatically appended to each test point and saved back into a new file in the USB memory. Later on, ROOTS will retrieve the complete test records from the USB and will associate them all to the corresponding relays in the original database, for future reference and / or immediate reporting.

True Touch & Test Paradigm

Another useful feature in STT is the RIO file import. This can save you the time of defining your relay’s operation characteristic. Once a RIO file has been read from your USB removable drive onto the STT, you only need to enter the values of as many points you want to test or, even easier, add test points by just touching at different spots on the displayed characteristic’s graphics.

STT effectively leverages the outstanding power of ROOTS by allowing you to put your test plan inside your pocket, execute it with no manual intervention and no external computer on the field, and produce as many reports as you need once back in your desk.

ROOTS and the STT are supplied as standard with every new Mentor 12. You can try these products for 90 days and, if you eventually decide to purchase a license, all the test routines defined and test results saved so far will continue to be indefinitely operative in your database.

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