The all-in-one protective relay tester

There is a wide range of relay types, being possible to find in the same location a mix of several relay functions and possibly also the mix of different generation of relays (Electromechanical, Electronic, and Digital), and all need to be checked with the suitable relay tester. But the world is not ideal for the testing engineer, and every situation is different.  When thinking in a relay tester, we must think that each relay demands differing requirements of the testing equipment, not only related to power, accuracy, and number of I/O, but also additional design concepts such as different control modes, integrated human interface, modularity, etc.

The need of a relay tester designed to all situations and challenges.

A design adapted to the application and the user can notably improve the relay tester use. Any type of relay tester should be flexible to adapt to different situations, from one relay test to another, and even to different possible users of the same relay tester.

The design of the relay tester must incorporate the latest in modern digital microprocessor technology to achieve the best output characteristics not only in terms of power, accuracy, low distortion, and dynamic capability, but also in integration and sources combination capacity that offer the user a high degree of flexibility and adaptability for the specific application or intended use at all time. The relay tester should allow users to test many different specific functions required in relay testing, without the need of additional accessories.

The need for a manual control mode, even when testing the most sophisticated relay, is a must in any relay tester to provide an adapted and efficient testing. Particularly during commissioning work, the mayor part of the tests is not systematic, but depends on the installation and the specific functions assigned to the relay under test. This means that the manual control of the relay tester must be intuitive, easy to use, and understandable by any operator, without the need of special training and without the need of any external elements from the system.

Looking around, any relay tester seems to work only controlled through external software in a computer or through external but limited control units; usually this software is complex and quite confusing to a new user who had never used it before.  This make even more difficult the adaptability to the challenging situations, and accordingly it is required a relay tester with different philosophy.

The Mentor, the all-in-one solution when choosing a relay tester.

relay tester

The MENTOR 12 offer substantial improvements for facing the many possible situations, making this system the most practical choice when choosing an universal relay tester, a single-box solution for testing all types of relays and protection schemes, with features such as:

  • Stand-alone functionality, without PC: the MENTOR 12 is the most advanced three-phase relay tester available for testing of electromechanical and digital protections of any kind, providing the most complete and straightforward control of the market, without the use of external PC; the relay tester can also be controlled externally, if required.
  • Easy and intuitive touch screen: for fast testing and no need for special training; a big sized screen that allows continuous graphic and visual monitoring of the test process in an optimized control panel; the intuitive interface is clearly organized for the user to complete the job safely and accurately in the shortest possible time.
  • Up to 12 currents and up to 6 voltages: field upgradeable from 6 up to 12 power outputs, at any time, to test any type of protection scheme. The relay tester does not need to be returned to factory for upgrade with more channels; a relay tester with fewer channels can be bought, and can be upgraded as funds and/or needs allow it.
  • Modular concept: adapted to user needs, with user-replaceable plug & play amplifier modules, that allows multiple configurations, and are also interchangeable between units; new amplifiers connected are automatically recognized by the relay tester with no software adjustment; because of modularity, there is no any relay tester unit easier to upgrade (or repair) than the Mentor.
  • Lower maintenance cost and field reparability: Modular design and plug &play amplifiers means less downtime. Any other relay tester will troubleshoot and they will not be able to work while their unit is factory repaired; with the Mentor the user continue working, with no need to send the unit back to factory, while a new module is received.
  • Fully isolated amplifiers with independent neutral: each amplifier has its own power supply; failure is likely to only affect one channel; any transformer configuration can be simulated easily, since the relay tester basically behaves as a VT or a CT secondary; the output configuration can also be quickly changed at any time, depending on the device being tested, through software-controlled combination of channels, in serial or parallel, to meet higher current, voltage and power requirements.
  • Voltages convertible to current: voltage channels are reversible to current for differential relay testing, increasing the capacity of the relay tester, and solving situations where more current channels are needed, and when more compliance voltage is required at low current levels.
  • Advanced built-in Test Tools: The MENTOR build up one of the most advanced basic configurations available on the market for quick, simple and easy testing. This relay tester integrates many useful test functions without the need of external PC, such as State Sequencer, Fault, Ramping, Pulse Ramps, Binary Search, COMTRADE playback, and on screen direct regulation of complex magnitudes (impedance, power, symmetrical components, homopolar voltage, etc).
  • Playback of COMTRADE transient files: it is the only relay tester that includes the fault playback as standard, without the need of external PC.
  • 10 years warranty: no additional cost for this extra warranty time, and free lifetime software upgrades via internet; a relay tester designed to assure a very long life cycle, with rough electromechanical construction and high quality manufacturing process.

In summary, the MENTOR 12 is a relay tester which offers all the characteristics and functions needed for protective relay testing, in a manual or automatic mode, designed for maximum efficiency, flexibility and simplicity, with the required accuracy and performance to test any kind and type of relays in all situations.

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