Quasar-3C. Extra 3 high currents for Quasar test set

Quasar-3C. Extra 3 high currents for Quasar test set

Quasar 3C enhances the capabilities of your existing Quasar unit by adding three additional current channels. Despite its compact and lightweight design, the Quasar 3C offers significant functionality, connecting to the Quasar unit via the Digital Interface and LL-Outputs ports. This addition underscores our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Quasar 3C, a current amplified extension module, expands the capabilities of the Quasar system from 4v3i up to 4v6i configuration with an option to switch to the 10 current sources. This flexibility allows for comprehensive testing of various relay types, including over current, differential, distance, directional, etc. The Quasar 3C together with Quasar, can output up to 35A per channel or 210A in parallel (60 A each or 360A in parallel for 3’’ max.).  

The extra current channels are also controlled by the Quasar software, which can be operated from a tablet, Smartphone, or Windows computer.