For more than 30 years SMC has been designing and manufacturing electrical test equipment for the electrical sector. Our permanence in this highly technological and competitive market can be explained thanks to the constant application of strict working principals, a well defined company structure and the quality and innovation in the manufactured products, which are the keys to our success throughout the years.

Long expertise and Quality commitment

The Quality is the foundations of our company in all aspects and in all our departments:  R & D, Production, Quality Control, Sales, and After Sales support.

A maximum commitment in the design and quality of our products for meeting the needs of customers and users worldwide. All our products are flexible in their use, with intuitive control and adapted to all the applications and users. SMC offers a wide range of products that meet the application required, which is reflected by our large reference of satisfied customers who use our products worldwide.

Along our experience, we are always looking for alternatives that make us better, more efficient, more competitive. Therefore, we question every step in the process and every task, no matter how small it is.

Our proven experience along these years allow us to keep developing revolutionary new products in the field of power systems testing, focusing in making the job easier to all our customers, which has lead us to the Formula Innovation concept. Design and innovation are inside our DNA, and the Formula Innovation is a reflection of who we are.