We are a leading company that designs, manufactures and market a range of electronic products and solutions for electrical testing, mainly in protection relay field and in general, tests and measurement equipment related to the commissioning and maintenance in substations, power plants and energy systems.

Developing and producing our own products, Formula Innovation.

Since the company was founded in 1986, EUROSMC, S.A. has had a continuous policy in developing and producing our own products. In this way, guaranteeing our customers the maximum quality and service, both in technical and applications.

In 1990’s, SMC presented the PTE (Portable Test Equipment) Relay Test Sets. This range was designed with strict criteria of being modular and portable, using the most modern technology. With the success of the PTE Range of equipment, SMC began to export, which is now the base of the company, being our current export sales up to 90% of our total turnover. Also we started and implanted the Quality Control System, getting the ISO-9000 Certificate. We were awarded by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce for our export achievements on 1995 and 1999.

At the beginning of the century, SMC presented our PME range (Portable Measurement Equipment) for substation maintenance and gained international prestige with the innovative Circuit Breaker Analyzer, model PME-500-TR, and Phase Angle Meter, model PME-20-PH.  Later on, SMC presented the most advanced 3-phase Relay Test Set available in the market, the MENTOR 12, which incorporates the leading edge technology in its design and concept, and its associated automation software ROOTS.

A   revolutionary product was the RAPTOR System, the most modern and innovative product for Primary Injection Testing; the Raptor was successfully presented in 2013 in the Real Madrid Stadium. Nowadays it is already used in more than 60 countries worldwide, example of the quick acceptance of our products for their quality and design.

The latest launch is the new generation of micro-ohmmeters, the PRIME 600, with innovative features and added benefits compared to existing units in the market.

Our Research and Development department has a commitment to further develop revolutionary new products in the field of power systems testing, focusing in making the job easier to all our customers, which has lead us to the Formula Innovation concept.

Design and innovation are inside our DNA. Formula Innovation is a reflection of who we are.