Briefing PRIME 600 Allectro

Briefing Prime – 600 Allectro

On 28/05/2018 we conducted a webinar with Allectro, our representative in Mexico, to train their sales engineers on the operation and unique features of the new Prime 600 DRM Micro ohm meter / ductor. The session covered technical and market related topics including –


  1. Prime 600 ductor’s potential buyers and competition’s products
  2. Pure DC and DRM as distinctive Prime 600 ductor’s features. Why 600A?
  3. Ductor’s power on procedure and principle of operation.
  4. The ‘dual ground’ compatibility in the Prime 600 ductor.
  5. Basic practice – conducting a static measurement and reporting on results. Thermal compensation.
  6. Manual and automated sequential measurement modes in the Prime 600 microohm meter.
  7. DRM practice – how the Prime 600 ductor draws a HV circuit breaker contact resistance graph.


Allectro’s sales engineers have experience on ductors made using traditional technology, so a few questions were posted and answered on the new features, namely pure DC generation and Dynamic Resistance Measurement mode.

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