600 A – Kelvin Clamps

600 A – Kelvin Clamps

Our metallic Kelvin clamp is specially designed to facilitate and increase the accuracy of any test related to static and dynamic resistance. It is capable of standing up to 600 A and is delivered, among other products, by our PRIME 600. This clamp will save you a lot of time while increasing the safety and reliability of your tests. It is an ideal tool for use in electrical substations and with circuit breakers.

The 600 A Kelvin Clamp is designed to be used with any electrical test instrument, although its main purpose is resistance measurement, both static and dynamic, making it the ideal partner for PRIME 600, PRIME 200, PME-500-TR, PME-600-T and PME-700-TR. This device has been built with a metallic body to ensure that it works whenever you need it. Additionally, it is designed to bite on any type of surface with a wide opening, allowing you to test any device.

Some of the key features of the 600 A Kelvin Clamp are:

  • Jaw opening up to 35 mm
  • 600 A continuous
  • One clamp = 2 wire Kelvin
  • Metalic main body to last