ROOTS relay testing software

ROOTS relay testing software

Universal Three-phase Protective Relay Test Set

ROOTS is EuroSMC’s answer to the growing complexity and diversity of testing methods emerging with the last generation of numerical relays or IEDs.


Making the difficult easy

The user picks up the required functions to build a complete test protocol by just clicking on a list.

Every IED is identified, described and catalogued in a database along with the various tests assigned and the results obtained throughout the relay’s lifecycle. Reporting can be made fully automatic, and test data can be exported to other information systems.

The innovative paradigm in ROOTS allows the protections engineer to calculate, view and express the test parameters in terms of each protective function (e.g. reactance, impedance, differential current, restraint voltage, negative sequence etc.), saving lots of time and eliminating errors.

The IED’s operation characteristic can also be graphically defined from scratch thanks to an easy and intuitive built-in graphical editor. This feature supports the manual click & test method, as well as computer-assisted test point generation and automatic report production.

The IED’s settings and trip logic equations can be directly read from the configuration files supplied by the main relay vendors. No interpretation mistakes, no waste of data transfer time, no typing errors. Values can be labelled to the user’s preferences or according to the relay manufacturer’s nomenclature.

ROOTS’ architecture includes a library for optional test modules (Overcurrent, directional, distance, metering, synchronism/voltage, converters etc.) that the user may choose to add at any time. Each module contains a test kit with test routines (reclosing, power encroachment, breaker failure etc.) that can be used right off-the-box or quickly and easily customized to the user’s needs.

ROOTS has been designed and developed using state-of-the-art programming technology and an outstanding experience in the field of electrical protection testing to free up the user from the tedious task of assimilating the huge diversity of relay implementations, the different protective concepts by each individual IED manufacturer and the need to be trained on diverse test equipment.

If you are in charge of the control and maintenance of complex protective schemes, and cannot afford to loose the grip from the continuous evolution of test technology, your natural choice is ROOTS by EuroSMC.

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