For more than 30 years SMC has been developing and producing our own products with the maximum quality in design and service to meet the needs of customers and users worldwide.

The Quality policy maintained through expert Technical Team

The quality must be extremely maintained; for this purpose we are a company with ISO-9001 certificate, all our products have the CE mark and meet all international standards. A Quality policy that is supported by strict technical excellence and quality commitment in all the departments, with majority of engineers and technical staff.

Our facilities in Madrid of approximately 1000 m2 comprise the several departments which work under the Quality Control System. Under technical instructions, designs and procedures owned by EuroSMC, certain processes such as automatic mounting of components on PCBs, transformers construction, etc, are outsourced; similarly, all the components are purchased, approved and stocked by SMC, and then delivered to the subcontractor, while the Production Dpt. carry out the final assembly of the equipment, with different verification, adjustment and calibration processes; our facilities also count with the logistics and packaging machines needed to ensure safe transport, and laboratory testing installations with all the test, measuring equipment and tools required for the hardware, firmware and software developing, quality control, and manufacturing.

A large R&D Dpt. employs Superior Engineers and computer technicians who develop all our products and software with excellence in engineering, while the Sales Dpt. serves enthusiastically a network of more than 60 representatives and distributors worldwide, covering more than 100 countries. In most cases the representatives have their own technical support and assistance, always perfectly supported by our technical team. We have also Branch Offices in the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia with dedicated technical team to support the different regions.