Circuit break timer test set PME-700-TR

Circuit break timer test set PME-700-TR

Power Circuit Breaker Analyzer

The PME-700-TR features the latest in user interface trends, you can drive it from your personal portable device via WIFI or wired Ehternet. No need of data transfer: your results will be ready for reporting at any time.

The PME 700 TR combines portability, ease of operation and remarkable accuracy for the task of evaluating the condition and performance of medium and high voltage three phase circuit breakers of any kind.

These small, lightweight yet sturdy instruments will record the transition of the circuit breaker’s poles between OPEN and CLOSE positions with a resolution of 0.1 milliseconds to reveal graphically and numerically any unbalance or misallignment in the three phases. Another two auxiliary inputs allow the recording of the activity by other moving contacts during the same analysis to provide additional information about the syncronization of important elements in or outside the circuit breaker itself. The recording process can be triggered by the user or by the change of status of a voltage or dry contact signal. The duration of OPEN and CLOSE commads can be set to accurately match that of the circuit breaker’s control device, in order to test the machine’s driving mechanism against requirements.

A comprehensive range of options will let you choose the combination that best accommodates your technical needs as well as your budget.


The models composing the PME family of circuit breaker analyzers include all the essential elements, a complete set of connections, accessories and a few distinctive characteristics, and all of them feature the PME BUS – our contribution to protect your investment with the possibility to upgrade your device’s functionality at any time with existing and future plug & play options.


  • 5 time measurement inputs.
  • Built-in transducer input
  • External voltage and current meassurement inputs AC/DC to check substation’s batteries and current through breaker’s engines.
  • Programmable test sequences:
  • C, O, C-O, O-C, C-O-C, O-C-O
  • Pure DC injection for contact resistance measurement.
  • Test sequence can also be triggered remotely.
  • Inmediate storage and management of test reports.
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries up to 10-hour autonomy.
  • Built-in WIFI, Ethernet and USB communications.
  • Controlled via any smart WIFI or wired device.
  • Test leads & accessories, PC software, transport bag, calibration certificate and user’s manual included.
  • Weight: 7,5 kg.


  • Open / Close time measurement in main and auxiliary contacts.
  • Graphical and numerical evaluation of coil currents.
  • Three-phase, 4-wire measurement of contact resistance.
  • Substation’s auxiliary DC supply condition evaluation.